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Devotional that struck me today

I am reading a devotional book called "Faith, Hope, and Love" by Bobby and Sherry Burnette. They run the Christian ministry Love and Child in Haiti. I watch their show sometimes and they have touched a lot of lives. Some of the situations they bring GOD's love to are very sad. There is a younger black adult man that they helped who works for them now, and he called Bobby his poppy and said in that episode that he looks at everything Bobby does and wants to be just like him. He and others say they would not be alive without the help for this ministry which involves a lot of people who help, including health care providers like doctors.

With a lot of attention paid to racism, it's good to see positive things also, because it ultimately is the Light that drives out the darkness of hate like the Bible says, and racism is a form of hate. So love has to be the cure for hate. (John 1:1-5)

This devotional struck me today so I felt inspired to share it with others. I hope the Spirit says something to you here also. Read the Bible verses first. (1 Samuel 17:32-50)

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