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Destroying Art of Nature Does Not Help Environmentalism

I recycle but I don't think anyone is going to save the planet except for JESUS.

I think those young people that recently threw tomato soup on the Vincent Van Gough "Sunflowers" painting behaved like the immature youngsters that they are. Ironically sunflowers are a beautiful part of nature, so why attack Van Gough's work when it doesn't promote the problem? I hope that those young people can mature as they get older and find more productive ways to try and solve problems.

In solidarity with artists and as someone who recycles and is environmentally conscience, I'm posting a sunflower painting I made in Culpeper before we moved to Harrisonburg. I call this one "Seeds". (Pertaining to sowing seeds for the gospel of JESUS Christ. Top left I tried to write the name of JESUS in the Hebrew language.) I don't think I have any other pics of this up currently, so this is a good time to share it.

I am a Christian first and believe that JESUS is GOD the Son. I also believe that GOD has given me a lifelong calling to express my Christian faith through music and the arts. There are lots of Bible scriptures that support this behavior, so I feel my passions here are always safe with GOD. I also feel called to be salt and light for the gospel of JESUS Christ in community outside church walls in GOD's timing. I think there are points we can find commonality on even if we believe different things. I hope that something we agree on is that destroying art that does not promote an evil purpose is not an effective way to protest against a perceived evil.

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