Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to Ban Biological Men from Women's Sports

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I hope she succeeds! (She's a Democrat. This is similar to Jimmy Carter creating the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment is a rider bill, a bill that can be attached to other bills, that prevents tax payer money from being spent on abortions.) It is a little funny in an odd way that *some (not all) of the white progressives from the left who seem to see themselves as the champions to save our country from racism are calling the brown Samoan woman a bigot and other bad names because she wants to protect women in sports from having to compete against men. Irony.. I guess it isn't racist to them when they do it because they are white progressives/liberals instead of white conservatives? (Kind of like Clarence Thomas being labelled as an 'uncle tom' back in the day{selling out his race} because he's a conservative. I guess those people also thought they weren't being racist? Not to mention Abraham Lincoln is the first Republican US President.) Only GOD can save us!!! Why aren't women's rights even a consideration to this left wing group of people pushing this agenda? If it matters so much that men who self identify as women feel uncomfortable in men's public bathrooms, why shouldn't it matter at all if women feel uncomfortable sharing their public bathrooms with men? Things that make you go, hhmmm?? The only right option that considers everyone is a third private bathroom option that can be for families with kids or transgender people. It is so tremendously short sighted to push this agenda through without considering the way the women who are uncomfortable with it feel at all. That is regressive, not progressive!

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