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I think the left needs to just let Trump leave and take office when their term starts. What literally happened after George Floyd was murdered is that everyone on television, including conservatives like Mike Huckabee and Franklin Graham, condemned the actions of the police officer who abused his power and caused the death of George Floyd. Understandably and rightly so there were many protests, and I commend those who did so peacefully. The rioters had no justification for what they did, especially because in this specific case they were heard by the public on both sides and the police officer was punished by our legal system later. As far as the rioters of all races how does killing others, destroying property, and stealing prove anything about how a group of people are being unfairly disadvantaged? There were people on the left who spoke defensively of the rioters at times, especially when Trump said he wanted to send troops to stop the violent behaviour. Furthermore the same people who said that anarchists could have caused much of the trouble in that situation, should have the foresight and grace to see that is just as much a possibility in this case. My point is that their outrage with Trump over this issue is not without hypocrisy. Trump didn't specifically tell that group of people to storm the capital and he did not endorse it after it happened. I agree that Biden should take office if that is what the law says, but if Trump leaves office when it's time I don't think impeaching Trump will prove anything other than to push the agenda and popularity of the left. I am sorry for the deaths of the people that day, but I don't blame someone for it who didn't do it or tell them to do it, and who said it was wrong after it happened. No one should riot in this country Democrat, Republican, or whatever else. Treating others worse because of skin color and rioting are both wrong. I believe in the Bible and that's how I try to make my political decisions, because I nor anyone else knows everything, only GOD knows everything. I think we should all try to work while defending our individual liberties and respect others to do the same. We should live in peace together as much as possible.

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