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Church Missions & the vitality of America's future tied to those missions being allowed to succeed.

Here is a good reason that our government and society should be friendly with the Christian church.

Our national government is in debt around $30 trillion dollars and it is increasing at an uncontrollable rate. I believe that we are even in a spending deficit now, which means we can't afford to fund the budgets that we create. Basically we are spending more money than we make right now.

Point being is that the Christian church has all kinds of missions and disaster relief organisations that help poor people in other countries and those suffering due to tragedy here and abroad. (exps. Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child, Operation Blessing, Love a Child, Share Word Global, and LIFE Outreach International to name some of them.) With the state of the financial condition of our federal government we will not be able to make a serious impact in this area in the future, from logic of a reasonable economical and financial view point. Our government should welcome the Christian church's work in this area and encourage it as being ambassadors for JESUS Christ first because that is our mission, but also Americans who are being the hands and feet of Jesus and helping others in this country and around the world in need. These things are very important, and if Christians want to do them, then others should be thankful. This makes a lot of sense to me!

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