Caricatures and Open Doors

The open jam/stage will stop during the cold months. (I think it could happen in November...)

I have talked to the Harrisonburg Farmers Market organiser about doing caricature drawings there during the cold months and donating the money to Open Doors winter homeless shelter. She thinks it is a really good idea. She told me there is a Halloween theme at the Market on Saturday 10/30, so that is the first day we are going to do it. I'll probably ask for a $5 donation per caricature drawing. This will be my first time drawing people in person like this, and I see it as a good opportunity to grow as an artist and be the hands a feet of Jesus Christ. We won't be keeping any money it will all be donated to the homeless shelter. Make it a part of your Halloween weekend plans if you'd like and get a caricature drawing of yourself and donate to the local homeless shelter at the same time. There are a lot of other fun and interesting vendors at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market also.

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