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Cancer Research

A while back I made a post that I saw a show about things happening in Israel. I posted that in this show a cancer research is covered that is remarkable. I tried to look it up afterwards, but was never able to find it online. The show just came on again and I was able to make note of the facilities doing the research. ("Insights; Israel and the Middle East" season 1 episode 7 -on TBN)

Basically a company designed a cancer fighting research that works by creating a substance using a sample of the cancer patient's blood (so it is specific to their cancer). This substance is put back into the patient's blood and causes a reaction of their immune system to produce T-cells that specifically fight that person's cancer. A link to this medical research company is below.

The problem is that this research and medical application is specialised and personal to each patient. There is not one solution that goes into every patient to initiate this T-cell creation of the immune system. Everybody's cancer is different so one solution will not be effect, that is why the solution is created from each individual patient's blood sample. For these reasons there is a company working on a machine that can create the correct solution (to create the best immune system reaction of that patient's body) using a blood sample from each cancer patient for their individual treatment. These machines can be shipped out to hospitals around the world when the technology has been perfected so that the hospital will just need to know how to use the machines correctly to give their patients the solution (to boost immune system/immune therapy) they need personalised to their cancer by using their blood sample. The link below is the company creating this technology that they want to put into hospitals. Pictures of this machine and a video helping to explain the technology are on the home page when you click the link below.

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