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Bands to look forward to at our Christian music festival on Sunday, August 8th starting at 3pm

Sunday, August 8th from 3pm to 8pm'ish at Grand Caverns Regional Park in Grottoes, VA

+3in1 (A very talented local Gospel quartet)

+Jeremiah Raines (me)

+We are planning to have time for an open stage where audience members can participate

+South River Express (local bluegrass band w/ believers as band members who also play some gospel music in their performance. We are looking forward to an all gospel set from them. We are very thankful for their participation here.)

+Lightning Lucas (Lucas grew up with Christian missionary parents and grew up Christian. He does not define himself as a professing Christian currently. He is a friend of my friend Daniel Barnhart who suggested Lucas to me. When I found out about the state of his faith I told Lucas we would like to welcome him here to play music in an attempt to reconnect him with the power of the Holy Spirit and the love that GOD has for him through JESUS Christ our Lord.)

+The Kirk Family (A very talented gospel bluegrass group based out of Orange, VA)

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