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Baby Lives Matter (Of all Colors and Races)

I mean this in a way to speak to Democrats in attempts to come to the table and hear the points of view of each other.

The most extreme examples of Democrat ideas with policies relating to children are not good for our country in my opinion. My request is for Democrats to hear why people on the right don't like these ideas and that they can at least respond in a more compromising and moderate way.

Hillary Clinton had mentioned getting rid of the Hyde Amendment and being in favor of tax payer funded abortion on demand when she was running for president. Hobby Lobby sued the government because the Affordable Care Act says that businesses have to make sexual contraceptives and birth control devices available to employees free of charge. (The morning after pill gave Hobby Lobby legal justification in their moral standing ground) Imagine teenagers getting free condoms distributed to them by their employers. Allowing men who self identify as women go into women's public bathrooms, and women who self identify as men in men's public restrooms, and for men to compete in women's sports and vise versa is not a good idea in my opinion. It should matter if there are women who are uncomfortable using the same public bathrooms as men, and why shouldn't it... There should be a third bathroom option with locking doors for people who feel uncomfortable and it can be a family bathroom too. Sports should stay the way they are divided by biological gender to protect the integrity of women's athletic accomplishments and not let males make them irrelevant. Thank GOD a law has been struck down that attempted to force all doctors to give sex change operations to people, including children.

I do not think that it is accurate to call this "the" women's rights movement in my opinion. Some may see it from that perspective, but not all women see the world in that way so this is "a" women's rights movement among other women's rights movements, one of which is the pro-life movement because those women are fighting for what they believe in also.

I hope now that they are in the white house, that the left will be open to hearing some conservative ideas and especially working with the faith community to be in favour of our religious freedoms to flourish and the Christian church to be a Light for GOD's truth and love here in America and beyond. GOD alone is good! John 14:6

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