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Always do our best to reflect Bible scripture, especially when our intent is to get others to do so.

I do not think division and disagreement work toward the progress of the church's mission, but I also believe that agreement on the accuracy of the Biblical scripture is the only effective way to settle divisions and disagreements. None of us is inherently good or always right. We should respect each other as much as possible as someone that Jesus Christ died for.

That being said, when I hear people talk about US President Joe Biden in almost all negative terms and not mentioning that Jesus also died for him and wants to save him, my thought is that these ministry leaders are like Peter trying to save Jesus by cutting off the Roman soldier's ear. I am not saying that these ministry leaders are going to deny Jesus like Peter did, but what I am saying is that the only man GOD honours is Jesus His Son. GOD exalts us when we are humble and exalt His name instead of ours. GOD's word will always be perfect no matter what any man does, and Jesus is the only perfect example of this. That means we don't have to defend GOD's Word on His behalf because we are being blessed by it, not the one giving the blessing. We believe in GOD's word and it will be true as GOD is true, we don't have to defend GOD like Peter tried to do. GOD defends us. If we try to pridefully behave in a way that contradicts GOD's teaching, then we will be stuck with whatever the results of that are, like Peter. Peter attacked a Roman soldier and I assume feared for his own life and safety above bringing honour to GOD afterwards, until Jesus restored him. GOD is just always right. None of us are perfect, and I want to say that about myself first before any other specific person. Our emotions about how we feel about GOD need to be kept in check by who GOD instructs us that He is. Peter lost sight of that in that moment and let his emotions lead him instead of Jesus' authority over his life.

I don't agree with everything the President does either. I think both political parties do have some good ideas. I also think if a church combines with a political party (however "good" they seem to be) then the religion that results will be more law based than grace based like the Pharisees and Sadducee. Political parties are not churches, though they can have politicians who genuinely care about the welfare of GOD's house.

GOD loves everyone so I will be closer to GOD and have a stronger ministry by trying to be that witness who reflects my behaviour on what the word of GOD says. We need GOD's correction, which is His love. Being political is not a bad thing, but politics will never save us. We can use GOD's word to pray for and minister salvation in Jesus Christ to as many politicians as possible. Standing on the moral principles of the Bible are a good way to be political, but I think we need to change people's minds and hearts in politics through preaching GOD's word to them in love.

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