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Album 5

The rough recordings are finished and posted of album number five, named "Divine Path". (under MEDIA) I will work on the artwork soon. This puts me at 50 original published songs. I feel very blessed. GOD is the One who makes it happen in my life!

I plan to keep writing some, but not make any more new albums for the time being. All the current song recordings are rough recordings for copywriting purposes and public display.

The next step I want to take is make professional sounding acoustic recordings of all 50 songs that I will give away like the demo CD for free download. (Acts 20:35)

Step three will be to record all 50 songs again with multi-tracking (various instruments) and instrumental parts (solos). These are the recordings that I will sell and try to make some money for living from my songs.

I plan to also keep working on the cover arts and make them look professional.

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