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Album #4 "JESUS Before Me" is posted

I added this album to my media page. These are all still rough recordings.

My plan is to start making better acoustic recordings of all four albums that I want to make available for free download.

I want to make multi-track recordings of all the songs too with more instrumentals at some point that I will sell.

The album art for this project is inspired by what happened that caused me to write this album. I was planning to stop writing for a while to focus working on the better recordings of the three albums I already had. I broke my computer and couldn't do that, so I decided to write again, and this album is the result of that. You can see how this event in my thoughts helped me create the album art concept. Like the recordings, the album art at this point is not at the quality yet I want. But these are all the concepts I plan to use.

(There is another "love song" on this album. I've still been single/celibate for over 20 years and counting. I am just a big fan of this type of song and it's difficult to not write them. I think GOD's teaching on marriage is a big blessing for people called to it and I like trying to bring the subject matter into His Light. Genesis 2:24)

I have the album name, art concept, and three songs started for album #5 already. So, I definitely feel inspired by GOD to keep the writing process going. GOD is greater than I! I thank GOD for blessing me with this gift because music and the arts are my favorite work. It is a dream come true to make original music albums. I pray my original songs always bring GOD the glory that is rightfully His and are a witness of GOD's love to others! (Psalm 150)

Praise GOD! John 14:6

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