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Activists Call for Book Ban as Politically Incorrect Look at Transgender Teens Shakes Up Marketplace

In my opinion the government, schools, or business world thinking they have a right to take action against the parent's will to feed information or resources to minors about having sex changes is unconscionable. Once someone is 18 years old that person can make their own decision. When the state of Oregon was giving minors sex change operations without even telling the parents about it then the government has become a danger to society at that point. If I was a parent to a child and the school system gave my child a sex change operation with me knowing nothing about it, it would take all my energy and strength to not go crazy. I don't agree with everything the government does, even though I am happy and blessed to live in this country, but in this particular example of behaviour it is absurd that the state government of Oregon could not have more sense than they showed there. I commend this woman in the book she wrote in the best interest of children! Someone needs to care, and I'm glad she does. Leave kids alone and let them be kids. They are too young to make that decision and are still learning about themselves and the world. Don't use children as pawns to push your agenda. People should be adults before making a decision on transgender operations or pharmaceuticals. Once again, this is just having good sense. Children's lives matter!

Isn't it kind of weird how the godless society people or alt left don't want GOD mentioned in schools because they think the word GOD is offensive being heard by the ears of other kids. Yet they want to be really involved and interested with the private parts of the kids, and your kids, in school by giving them all kinds of sexual information and trying to give them rights to make adult decisions on sexual matters without concern for parents. I find this to be weird and offensive. If they find the mention of the word GOD so offensive, how can they find convincing children who are not their own to have sex changes unoffensive???

Notice the ACLU's reaction. Remember the KKK rally in Charlottesville, VA? The city of Charlottesville denied the permit to the KKK for that park where the general Lee statue was because the city did not feel they had the resources to handle the situation at that smaller park because it would get out of their control. C-ville offered a bigger park to have the rally in. The ACLU had their lawyers defend the free speech of the KKK to have their rally in this smaller park at the risk of the safety of the citizens of the city of Charlottesville and won that federal court case against the city of Charlottesville, VA. The ACLU are equally responsible for the outcomes of that rally as are the KKK because it was the ACLU that made it possible for the KKK to do. So they defend the KKK's free speech to a point of making it a danger to society, yet they want to destroy this book and completely rob the author of her free speech because she is being an advocate for protecting children against being put in a position to make permanent transgender decisions until they become adults. (Her opinion in the book is that adults can make their own decision and she doesn't condemn it!) I do not think the ACLU represents me at all.

I like the ACLJ. This organisation is far better.

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