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2021 Virginia Governor Race (Kirk Cox)

He is in the Virginia General Assembly (I think he's been there since the late 80's and eventually worked his way up to be Speaker of the House of Delegates), there is the political experience. Not only is he a retired school teacher of 30 years, he also was a teacher of U.S. and Virginia government. He also coached baseball during that time. With the way things are now, that teacher experience looks really good in a future Virginia governor to help us move forward. He is very pro police and law enforcement, which he wants to fully fund and support to do their job. He is pro-life on the abortion issue and wants to protect people's 2nd Amendment rights. He also has some notable endorsements of his campaign including 2 former Republican governors of Virginia. (Allen and McDonnell). He is a Deacon of the Baptist Church he and his family attends!

He is also an alumni of James Madison University right here in Harrisonburg, VA.

This is the person I am planning to vote for at this point.

Rock the vote.

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