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19 years of Celibacy

This Thanksgiving marks 19 years of celibacy for me. My last girlfriend and I broke up on Thanksgiving 2001. She was someone in my young adulthood time that I most envisioned myself marrying and spending the rest of my life with. I was not practicing true Christian faith at the time and not born again to a new life repentant of my disobedience to GOD. I now know that I would not have been able to be a good husband at the time. She is now married and has a family and I pray for her success as a mother and wife. I am now glad for GOD's plan in my life for celibacy and bringing me closer to Him. Thank GOD I would not change anything, though I struggled with wanting to be married in the earlier years of my celibacy.

I was baptized at a church I was attending on 08/05/2012. It was about a week after that where GOD helped me finally be convicted to repent of the sin of lust. I had prayed before that for a while to stop being willfully disobedient in still lusting after women, but I was allowing my addition to defeat me prior to that time. So this past beginning of August marks 8 years of being more in abstinence where I am living to stay away from sexual sin/temptation and repent of it. It also took me a while to give over other sins to GOD like drinking alcohol when I knew I couldn't do it responsibly and tobacco use. Lusting after women is the most difficult sin in life to repent of in my opinion. With GOD all things are possible! (Matthew 19:26)

I am now 41 years old and will be 42 in a few months. I don't regret never being married. I thank GOD very much for His faithfulness and answering of my prayers to help me be successful at celibacy and abstinence. JESUS is the only way! I believe what GOD says about sexual sin, and I know that it is only through obedience to JESUS and the power of the Holy Spirit that it will be possible for me to do what is right. I believe not listening to GOD will have negative consequences in my life no matter how appealing sexual sin may appear. GOD is always right, and I pray to always follow Him.

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