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Romans 8:31

31 "What, then, shall we say in response to these things?

If God is for us, who can be against us?"


I am Christian musician/artist and am interested in evangelism. I believe this is my calling. I am not and do not feel called to be a pastor of a church, so I am not starting one with this website. I believe that JESUS is GOD the Son and the only One who can save us. I believe that the Bible is the truth and perfectly inspired by GOD's Holy SPIRIT. If anyone is looking at my website who doesn't go to church, my suggestion to you is to find a good church in your local area that makes you feel connected to GOD through a relationship with JESUS Christ. Also work on your own personal relationship with JESUS Christ through prayer, Christian music and television, Bible reading, and other devotions of time to GOD Almighty who is love.

I grew up going to church some and attending Christian youth group. I partied too much in college. Because of one of my grandmother's concern and actions I ended up in a Christian youth group in college. I then attended other civic groups such as Habitat for Humanity and Students for a Free Tibet. I did not feel I could make a comeback academically at school, so I dropped out and joined AmeriCorps, which I learned about on an alternative spring break trip with the Christian college youth group. I went to Dallas, TX and the San Jose, CA with AmeriCorps. In Dallas, TX I got a JESUS fish tattoo on my ankle to symbolize that as an adult I decided (and still do) to believe in JESUS and the Bible. After AmeriCorps I went back to Virginia, this time southwest VA. I started well, but later while there began to have struggles. Even though I already decided to be a Christian I was not attending church or reading my Bible. There were sins holding me back that I had not repented of. Through trials and tribulations, GOD brought me to the point where I know I need Him. I gave up on my plan to succeed at life my way and started to read the Bible to make sense of my life. I currently read the Bible on a regular basis and want to devote my life to creating original Christian art. JESUS Christ is my Rock!


I love all the arts. The first art I became good at was drawing. The first art I was successful at was musical theater. I have been successful as a professional cook in the past and still love cooking at home and for others. Professionally I am currently pursuing music and visual art as a teacher and artist/performer. This is my dream job. All things are possible with GOD! I am also working on a Christian fiction novel. If the book is published, I plan to write more Christian books. My original songs and artwork also focus on JESUS. It is my prayer that my original work is always Christian evangelical. JESUS Christ is the one who blesses me with my gifts, and He is the Saviour of the world. It is a privilege and honor to serve GOD with the gifts He has blessed me with by His goodness and share GOD's goodness with other people through those gifts. Some of my original Christian songs are love songs. I have been celibate for 21 years now, but like love songs. The most important thing to me is to obey GOD's instructions in the Bible with sex and everything else, be that single or married. I am focused on being a Christian artist professionally and prefer the grassroots level/scene. Only JESUS can save! I perform mainstream music at community events such as farmers markets. I make some money at it and also see this as an opportunity to be a Christain outside of the church walls and be the salt and light of JESUS to people who are less likely to have that experience. I am open to the possibility of theater/acting again if GOD opens up any doors there. 

Psalm 150 

You can also find me on the internet here: Jeremiah Raines's Profile (

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and I’ll get back to you shortly. Let me know if you are interested in private music and art lessons. I also welcome information about performance opportunities.  

Thanks! JESUS loves you! John 3:16


Original Art

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"Christology" by The Ambassador is my favorite rap album. "Take Me As I Am" by Lecrae is my favorite rap song.

The video to the right features a band that was a big part of "The JESUS Revolution" in southern California.

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